Instructions for Applying Clays & Muds

When using any of our Clays or Muds for Body Wrapping, the clay or mud is first applied to the skin, then the body or area/s of the body are wrapped.

Clay/Mud Application

Apply the clay or mud directly to the skin in a very thin layer. Note, many feel that more means better results, when in actuality, a thin layer works best and is most effective. And the cleanup is much easier!

Work on one body part at a time, then wrap that part before moving to the next area. For example, apply the clay to one leg, wrap that leg, then apply to the other leg, wrap that leg, etc.

Follow the instructions for Wrapping with Plastic Wrap or Wrapping with Bandage Wraps.

After removing the wraps, some clay or mud may still be on the skin. Simply wipe off with a moist cloth. A shower is not recommended.

For best results, apply the Toning Gel after removing the wraps. This also helps the body to absorb any of the left over mineral on the skin where it will continue to work deep in the pores to remove impurities through the lymphatic system.

Special Note with Clays and Muds.

Once opened, the moisture in the product will begin to dissipate causing the product to become thicker over time. If this occurs, simply remove the portion from the container that you are going to use and add water to it and mix. Add as much water as desired for consistency you prefer to work with.