Wrapping with Plastic Wrap

When using a Clay or Mud for Body Wrapping, you have the choice to wrap over the formula with either Bandage Wraps or Plastic Wrap.

Plastic wrap is preferred by some for it’s ease of use and easy clean up!

To wrap with Plastic Wrap, first apply the Clay or Mud to the area of the body you are wrapping. See our instructions for Applying Clays & Muds here.

Then wrap over the area with the plastic wrap. Be sure not to wrap too tightly as you want your client to be able to move around in the wraps.

Once you have completed the wrapping, be sure to keep your client warm by covering them with a warm blanket or sauna suit.

After 1 hour, simply remove the plastic wrap, wipe off excess clay/mud with a moist cloth, and throw the plastic wrap away!