European Dry Mineral Body Wrap Formula


Premium Dry Mineral – this is the no-mess body wrap that is preferred by Salons and Spas worldwide.

Simply add the mineral to water, add bandage wraps to soak and absorb the solution, heat and wrap! No messy clay or mud to apply!

Tones, Tightens, Smoothes, Contours and Removes toxins and impurities for maximizing inch loss. 

1 gallon of formula will allow you to make 16 solutions at full strength (adding 1 cup of mineral per gallon of water). Performing 3 wraps per day will yield 48 full wraps.


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premium bentonite, distilled water, magnesium sulfate, magnesium chloride, sodium chloride, zinc oxide, potassium, niacin.

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Weight 12 lbs