Private Label Body Wrap Products

Private / White Labeling Clays & Muds

Whether working out of your home, have a salon, boutique, spa, catalog, gift shop or bed and breakfast…everyone can develop company identification, brand recognition and increase business value without large minimums or start up costs. Create your very own line of skin care products!

We feature clay and mud with base formulas that are creamy, luxurious and easy to apply. With our base formulas, we make it easy for you to private label and create your own brand with low cost and great products! 

We work with numerous Salons, Spas and Distributors in both the U.S. and around the world creating solutions to fit their business.

How it Works

Private Labeling is easy with our product line and your own labels.

Simply order the product you want to private label.  Once we receive your order, our designer will email you with options for your label.

Option 1 – White Label

If you want to label the products yourself, then just let us know and we will send your jars unlabeled.

Option 2 – Custom Labeled Products

If you want us to label the products for you with your private label, we can help you design and print your labels, or simply label the products with the labels you send to us. See FAQ below for more details.

The Design Process is simple

Once we receive the Design Fee payment, our designer will create your label with your logo, custom colors and any design elements you would like on your labels. You will receive a digital proof for approval and information on the printing options.

Once your labels are ordered, we put your product on our production schedule to have it ready to be labeled when the labels arrive.

We take care of all the design, printing and labeling for you and send you your completed product ready for sale. It’s that easy!


What is the cost for private labeling?

There are costs associated with private labeling any product. If you have a logo and/or a label design, then your cost will be minimal. If we design the label for you, there is a design fee. And if you’d like us to create a logo for your business, we can do that as well for a small logo fee. Once you have the label design, there is a cost for printing the labels.

What are the design fees?

Label Design – $150 (1st item) + $25 each additional item

Logo Design – $99

Note: the design fees only apply if we design your label. You can also design and print your own labels.

What are the specs for designing my own label?

See the Label Guidelines below for designing your own labels below.

What is the process and cost for printing my labels?

Once your labels are designed and approved, you can have them printed yourself, or we can send them to the printer for you. We use and recommend and online label printer such as or The cost will vary depending on the quantity and sizes of labels you are ordering. You can easily get a quick quote on either label website to calculate costs of printing.

What is the cost for labeling my white label bulk order products?

We will use your custom labels on any of our white label products for you so that you can receive a completed, ready to sell product. There is a $.25 fee per item for labeling your products ($25 per 100 items)

Can you ship our private labeled products to a fulfillment center?

Yes. We can label and ship to any fulfillment center of your choosing. There is a $.45 fee per item for preparing the products and labeling with the fulfillment center required labeling.

How long does it take?

There are numerous online digital printers who can get your labels printed and sent to us in as little as 3-7 days. Your time frame depends upon the time in getting your design to the printer and approving the design. If we design your label, our turnaround time with our designer is 5-10 days. Once we receive the printed labels, allow a 1-2 week manufacturing and bottling time. Putting it all together, plan on approximately 3 weeks from start to finish.

Label Guidelines

Label Guidelines and Tips for Private Label / Contract Manufacturing

Full bleeds and layout requirements

A full bleed is when the color “bleeds” off the label. If your label design or background color is intended to cover entire surface of the label, we require a 1/16” bleed around each edge of the label. Simply take the label size and add 1/16” around the outside and carry the color into that area.

Clear Space

All labels must have a 1/16” of clear space (no design elements or text) inside the label edge to allow for slight shifts during printing. Note: we cannot do thin borders around the edge of the label as slight movements can cause the line to be offset. If you want a border, make it a thick border that bleeds off the label as slight movements will not be noticed as much.

Artwork Specs

All artwork must be submitted following these guidelines:

  • Submit in Adobe Photoshop format
  • At least 600 dpi for best quality. Note: images online are typically 72 dpi which is a very low resolution and will not print well on a label.
  • Design your image in CMYK mode as we will convert to this mode for best color match in printing. We use a digital printer which uses CMYK colors. RGB is the display color for computer monitors.

*Note: We recommend having your labels printed with Lightning Labels or as they are a fast digital printer. (You are free to use any printer you choose, just be sure to stay within the label dimensions).The label size we recommend from Lightning Labels is the largest size that will fit on the container. You may choose smaller sizes if you’d like. For orders of less than 100, order them as hand applied. We recommend White Bobb, and either glossy or matt finish.

For Bulk orders, please follow these guidelines that are required for our labeling machine:

  • All labels must be die cut (self adhesive backed) with minimum of 1/8″ spacing, on rolls, not over 12′ outside diameter and wound on 3″ cores.
  • Labels on a roll need to have label winding Fasson 3 or 4
  • If a clear label on clear web, we must have registration mark.


FDA Labeling Requirements

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) website has information that will help you understand the guidelines they have outlined for labeling these types of products and more.

To get started, order your white label products and we will contact you to discuss private labeling. We can ship white label (no label), consult with you on creating your label, help you get the labels printed, and label the products for you. We are here to help you be successful with your own brand.