Body Wrap Training & Schools

Body Wrap Training

Schools & Courses

Listed here are some of the schools and body wrap training classes in the United States. You can also check with local salons and career schools to see if they offer classes for body wrapping.

Note: the information listed here may not be current or accurate as things may change that we are not aware of.

Note: Some states require a aesthetician license or massage therapist to perform body wraps in a commercial environment such as a spa or salon. Your State Board of Cosmetology can give you the requirements of your state.

 Camellia Alise Specialized Skincare & Beauty Education  – Texas
Texas Department of Labor Regulation (TDLR) certified company offering 2 industry leading certifications – Body Contouring Specialist and Body Wrap Specialist

ASM Beauty World Academy Body Wrap Training Course  – Hollywood, Florida
Florida State Board Registration after completing the course

Florida Medical & Aesthetic International School – Miami, Florida
Body Wrap Certification in Florida