Private Labeling

How it Works

Private Labeling is easy with our product line and your own labels.

Simply order the product you want to private label. Once we receive your order, our designer will email you with options for your label.

Option 1 – White Label

If you want to label the products yourself, then just let us know and we will send your jars unlabeled.

Option 2 – Custom Labeled Products

If you want us to label the products for you with your private label, the cost are:

  • Design Fee: $150
  • Printing Costs: varies depending on product/label size and quantity ordered (example: 1.5 x 9 inch label for our 8oz jars printed in white bopp, high gloss, costs around $250 with shipping, but if you order 500 labels, the costs is approximately $370, so the cost per label is much less with higher quantities.) Note that we can also send you the completed proof and you can select your own printer and have the labels send to us for labeling.
  • Labeling Fee: $0.15 per jar

The Process is simple.

Once we receive the Design Fee payment, our designer will create your label with your logo, custom colors and any design elements you would like on your labels. You will receive a digital proof for approval and information on the printing options.

We use as our printing partner so you can go to their website and take a look at pricing and printing options.

Once the printing options are selected, we will bill you for the actual printing costs (with shipping) and the labeling fee.

The printing and shipping time on the labels is typically 7-10 days.

We put your product on our production schedule to have it ready to be labeled when the labels arrive.

We take care of all the design, printing and labeling for you and send you your completed product ready for sale. It’s that easy!